Buenos Aires 2020: Scottish Dancing Meets Tango
Kilted Tango

BASCD dancers are waiting to welcome you to Buenos Aires - the home of Tango, Evita, Malbec & Mate!

The International Branch is spreading its wings and we want you to share this exciting opportunity with us!

Tourist Programme: 20th-25th September

Dance Weekend: 25th-28th September

Jim Stott (Scotland)
Antoine Rousseau (France)
Elke Baker (USA) (Fiddle)
Andy Imbrie (USA) (Keyboard)
Dance programmes:
Welcome dance 25th Sep.
Ball 27th Sep.

Covid-19 has caused severe disruptions everywhere in the world. Up to this point, the organising Committee had negociated 2 payment delays with the NH 9th July hotel. Further information will be sent to the Attendees very soon following a forthcoming Committee meeting on Saturday 2nd May. The Commiittee realises that good communication with BA2020 Attendees is essential in this difficult situation and we thank everyone for their patience and understanding.

Michael Plumley,
Chair, RSCDS International Branch

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