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Dancers at the Cyprus weekend, 2017
Dancers at the International Branch Weekend in Cyprus, 2017

Welcome to the RSCDS International Branch (IB) Website! The goals of the IB are to help and encourage existing or potential Scottish Country Dancers throughout the world.

We emphasise keeping you informed, listening to your concerns and helping you meet and socialise with others with similar dance interests.

We encourage you to explore the site, use its facilities and provide feedback.

Michael Plumley

Michael Plumley, chairman

The IB committee hopes that this website will be of benefit to all visitors, readers and contributors alike, and thus encourage the expression of personal opinions, comment and discussion in various parts of the website that are accessible to members. Obviously any personal opinions expressed should respect the views and feelings of others, so we ask for courtesy and good manners at all times, and of course must have relevance to our favourite pastime.

If you are a member of the International Branch and do not yet have a username and password to enable you to enter the members' area of the website, please contact the webmaster to obtain one.

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