About the International Branch


The International Branch of the RSCDS has its roots in the very origins of the RSCDS. When the RSCDS started, branches were established as a way for people to communicate and organise the activity. As the letter post and the growing use of telephones developed, the RSCDS was able to grow into a world-wide organisation. The communications revolution of the late 20th century now allows members to keep in regular contact around the world. Many country dancers travel widely for business and leisure and the informal links that have been made can now be strengthened with the creation of the International Branch.

The IB started in 2004, with a little group of dancers spread over many countries – since then we have steadily grown in numbers, and at present have over 250 members in total. The numbers fluctuate a bit from year to year, but seem to be rising slowly. The number of countries represented here never ceases to amaze: Apart from the UK, we are represented in 27 other countries worldwide and it is now par for the course, that whenever there’s a workshop going somewhere you can almost be sure to meet other International Branch Members. We cannot be said not to interact socially – indeed I think we are getting a reputation in that direction.

Who are our members? They are people who are deeply interested in Scottish Country Dancing and the RSCDS, and recognise that SCD is an international pastime, which transcends borders. They dance in their own groups and some also belong to other branches, many are time-served teachers, and forever on the go. Although I haven’t the exact number, we have also managed to get newcomers to join the RSCDS, hopefully they will stay with us for a long time to come; the interest and the enthusiasm for Scottish Country Dancing is still out there. Not all are dancers, however: we also are proud of the fact that we have an extraordinary collection of brilliant musicians, both accordionists, fiddle-players and piano-players. Without musicians there would be no dancing and then what would we do?

Many members take an active part, we all have talents that can contribute in some small way at some point. Our web-site is maintained by 2 such ordinary members, another hosts a group for the IB Facebook, people carry application forms with them wherever they go and all members contribute to the reputation of the International Branch by being open and hospitable to other dancers wherever they meet. They are truly part of the greater family of Scottish Country Dancers. I hope you will enjoy looking at our web site - don't hesitate to get in contact with any of the committee- we are always happy to help, and should you wish to join us then you are more than welcome.







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