Cyprus 2017


6th International Branch Weekend and Holiday in Pafos, Cyprus

28th April – 1st May 2017: Dance Weekend

The workshop took place at the Avanti Hotel.

Teaching the classes we had:

Ellie Briscoe


Ellie Briscoe taught:

J Riverside Jig Ceilidh dance (warm-up)
J Slow Simmer StrathsBabes
J Oh Whistle and I'll Come tae Ye, My Lad RSCDS Bk 24
S Garry Strathspey Cosh
S Victoria Strathspey Drewry
R Graduation Reel StrathsBabes
R Hedwig's Reel RSCDS Gr 2
R Ardmore Junction Reeladelphia
S Chequered Hall Goldring
R Wasatch Mountain Reel Martha Veranth
J Blue Bonnets (once through) RSCDS Bk 3
J Kendall's Hornpipe (once through) RSCDS Gr 1
J Little Mary Douglas unpublished
S Gypsy Weaver Denise Peet
S Many Happy Returns Briscoe


Jean Dodds taught:
J St Andrews Gardens RSCDS Bk 25
S Royal Wedding RSCDS 5 SCD for 1982
R Abigail's Reel Burnside Collection
S The Shevock Big Apple Collection
J Bob Sanders RSCDS Bk 17
S Flodigarry Strathspey Zobel
R Tartan Track Anna Holden
S Vancouver Cherry Blossom Vancouver 50th Coll.
J Joie de Vivre RSCDS Bk 39
R Pretty Polly Noeline o'Connor
  Jean Dodds


William Williamson   William Williamson taught:
J It’s Guid tae Ken Ye P. Clark
R Easy Peasy RSCDS Gr. 2
R Grimaldi 700 Goldring
S The Haar on Skye RSCDS Gr. 3
S Miss Graham of Dykeside Williamson
J It’s Guid tae Ken Ye P. Clark
R The Provost Wynd RSCDS Gr. 2
R Grimaldi 700 Goldring
S Balmoral Strathspey RSCDS Bk 22
M (S/R) Frae A' the Airts RSCDS Leaflet
J Shadow RSCDS Bk 50
M (S/R) Frae A' the Airts RSCDS Leaflet
R The final Reel Barbour
R Grimaldi 700 Goldring


Musicians for the classes and for the evening events were James Gray, Ian Robertson and Andrew Lyon.

25th – 28th April and 2nd – 4th May 2017: Holiday in Cyprus

The holiday was based at the Avanti Hotel, with optional day trips to the Baths of Aphrodite, Omodos Village, Kykkos Monastery, Aphrodite's Rock, Kolossi Castle, Lefkara Village and St Barnabas Monastery.


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